– Develop and maintain annual budgets
– Collect dues, late fees, fines and other receivables
– Pay association bills according to board-approved budgets
– Prepare financial statements
– Maintain/reconcile bank accounts


– Homeowner relations and communications
– Dissemination of association meeting minutes
– Establish community portal where residents/tenants can access work orders, building news and important documents
– Provide secure owner portal for investors, complete with building financials and other important documents

Rental Leasing Management

Rental/Leasing Management

– Market properties
– Screen prospective tenants
– Manage lease agreements and renewals
– Assist in eviction matters

Repairs/Renovation Management

– Manage large and small-scale renovation projects
– Facilitate building repairs
– Provide in-house cleaning and snow removal crews

Repairs Renovation Management


– Solicit nominations for Board of Directors
– Meeting coordination
– Maintain a current copy of property by-laws, rules and regulations
– Annual 1099 reporting and monitoring of vendor insurance and licensing
– Provide all required documentation for homeowners selling or refinancing their property

Building Management

– Manage capital improvement projects
– Ensure building compliance (laws, fees, permits, inspections)
– Serve as primary contact for unit owner concerns
– Provide emergency 24-hour maintenance line
– Supervise ground maintenance and repairs to common areas
– Observe and remedy rules and regulations violations

Building Management
Property Insurance

Property Insurance

– Obtain comprehensive property insurance at the best rate
– Protect property owner rights in the event of an insurance situation

Forward Thinking

– Help building owners and associations consider long-range strategic plans to protect their investment

Forward Thinking

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